3 Ways to Really Engage Your Audience the Next Time You Show that Health Education Video

Here are three (3) exciting ways to use video in your NEXT health education presentation:

1. Challenge your audience to look for several action points in the in the video.

Offer a prize for whoever meets the challenge. For example, there is a lead prevention video called The Silent Epidemic which focuses on the cause, prevention and dangers of lead poisoning. You could say “I will give a prize for the person who can find at least five ways to prevent lead poisoning mentioned in the film.”

2. Put your audience to work.

Divide your participants into groups of no more than seven (7) people. Ask each group to develop a list of questions that were not addressed in the video.
Perhaps your audience has more insights than the film chosen. Once people are asked to provide critical feedback they are often very willing.
Have each group report back to the entire audience. Allow time for discussion after each presentation.

3. Challenge your participants to come up with at three (3) things they would do different if they were the creators of the health education film.

This is a great activity for an afternoon. After groups have been divided into teams assign them to create a new segment on storyboard for an audience that has not been addressed by the film. Or have participants come up with strategies to present the information in a more engaging way.
For example, a film on safety prevention aimed at teens may or may not capture all segments of teens. What would they suggest? What would those groups do different to make it work?
Have each group report their creative suggestions to the entire audience.

If you use any one or combination of these strategies it will dramatically reinforce the messages given in your health education film.
Give it a try!

Rosemary Horner

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